About Us

tomboys inc

About Us

“Not just any other clothing line, we strive to promote a positive image for ‘tomboys’ across the nation.”

Tomboys, Inc. works to promote and bring positive light to the common “tomboy” stereotype. Breaking the barriers of gender, race, class, age and sexual preference Tomboys, Inc. strives to change the world’s view and the negative connotation attached to the term tomboy. We hope to turn the negative view into that of a positive one for sporty girls and young female athletes alike in order to build confidence and self esteem. Tomboys, Inc. works to be above the status quo and statistics. We love and embrace our womanhood wholeheartedly we just speak for the edgier, sportier women and young girls. “Fitteds, tees, bow ties, vests and loose jeans; sure, they were made for boys but tomboys do it so much better.”

Our goal is to contribute to the creation of a healthy, safe, fun and engaging community from tomboys across the globe. Through music, fashion, community and promotional events as well as art Tomboys, Inc. is committed to shining light into the incredible lives of tomboys across the globe. We fully support and promote creative and inspiring “tomboy” music artists in expanding and reaching their goals. Tomboys, Inc. also runs a fashion line. We’re different because we’ve already made such a positive impact on our community, we’re setting trends and building friendships and connections, but most importantly we’re all educated females who break the stereotypes of “the average tomboy” all in hopes of shedding some light and guidance on our generation and the younger ones as well.

Tomboys, Inc. is very community oriented and all about giving back; thus far we’ve been working hard to do just that. Georganna Smith, CEO of Tomboys, Inc. graduated from Martin Luther King, Jr. High School, a local school in Metro Atlanta, in 2009 and just a few years later she helped give back to her alma mater by sponsoring the girl’s basketball team with Shooting Stars t-shirts  for their 2011-2012 season. Feeling it was of the utmost importance to give back to her community Georganna also speaks with the players about their plans for college, following their dreams, and knowing as well as remembering how important it is to support where you come from.